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Netizens Melted At The Sight Of This Man Giving Food To A Stray Dog!

Photo credit to Facebook

Helping others is such a good thing to do! Not only humans but helping the animal by giving them food are also great things to do. This world has too many bad things and we are the ones who can change that. This man went viral on Facebook after his video of helping to feed a stray dog garnered over 1K likes and 2K shares.

The first video started with the man and his family, riding a motorcycle. His child called for the stray dog that is fondly known as Chatam.

The dog came, running happily at them. As the man speed his bike, the stray even followed next him. It could be seen how playful the pooch is!


As the man park his bike near an abandoned house, the puppy jumped around and circling him. Chatam was playing, playfully with the man.

When the man put down the food to feed the stray, he instructed to Chatam to sit down and wait. But the playful puppy doesn’t really listen to him as he excitedly comes up to him as he put down the food.

The stray could be seen excited that the man had to pat his hand while covering his hand with a plastic, asking the pup to wait.

Netizens’ Responses

May God bless the man for his kindness~

Info via Facebook