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Drive-In Cinema is Opening Soon in Kuala Lumpur!

Photo Credit to Malay Mail | Vulcan Post

“I come with girlfriend/boyfriend, cannot sit together meh?”
“I come with my friend, can sit together ah?”
“From same house, cannot ah?”
“Can sit on my lap ah?”
HELLO. CANNOT. ( Quoted by GSCinemas~hehehe )

Well, If you really want to sit next to your boyfriend or girlfriend.. you have another option now!

We will have our second drive-in cinema soon in KL !

Credit: hype

The first drive-in cinema in Malaysia was launched in Ipoh, Perak in case you missed out this piece of news.

Credit: FacebookThe new drive-in cinema is going to be located in Kuala Lumpur at the Lanai parking lot beside MaTiC along Jalan Ampang.

It will be launched on July 28 is set to be open to the public for the next three months.

Credit: Malay Mail

The new drive-in cinema will have a nine by four meters LED screen for you to sit back in your car and enjoy the movie.

As for cars without Aux ports and bluetooth functions, you’ll be provided bluetooth speakers. You can listen to the audio from your car radio player which are connected via Bluetooth or Aux port.

Credit: Malay Mail

There will be two screenings per day at 7.30pm and 9pm onwards. Only 50 vehicles are allowed to enter per screening. Smaller cars will be placed in the front row and bigger cars will be placed behind accordingly.

▼ Netizens said that the size of the screen is kind of small and it seems like watching movie in a ‘mamak’ stall.

▼ Um but what if it rains halfway when you’re watching a movie? Are we getting a refund? ( good question! i think a lot of us wanted to know too!)

▼ And the best part is, a few well-known companies took the chance to promote their product and company in a humorous way!

I’m definitely going to give it a try, what do you think?

Info via: Facebook | Malay Mail