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Parents Who Worried About Covid-19 Can Opt to Keep Children Home

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Schools and early childhood education centres have been allowed to resume operations in stages amid the recovery MCO.

Credit : The Malaysian Reserve

Exam year students in Forms 5 and 6 resumed classes already back to school on June 24, while students from Standard 5 to Form 4 are set to resume schooling next Wednesday. Students in Standards 1 to 4 will resume classes the following Wednesday, July 22.

While, toddlers in kindergartens and nurseries returned to classes last Wednesday amid tight SOPs in place.

Credit : The Borneo Post

Although school allowed to resume operations but parents are given option whether to keep their children at home or send them to school once school reopen, said the Education Ministry.

The Ministry’s Deputy Director-General (School Operation Sector) Adzman Talib said parents can decide not to send their children to school out of fear from the Covid-19 pandemic, but reminded them that the schools must be informed.

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Parents who decide not to send their children will need to present an official letter notifying the school of their decision, quoted by The Star.

As for those attending school, Adzman said students with health complications such as asthma or those requiring periodic dialysis, and those with compromised immunity must wear a face mask at all times.

“Teachers should also keep their masks when teaching at a close proximity. However, it is not wrong if teachers were to pull their masks down when they are teaching in front of the class,” he was quoted saying in the report.

So, what do you think? Send or not send?