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Pokemon Themed Flat for Pokemon Lovers!

Photo Credit: Instagram

Pokemon which is also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan, is a Japanese media franchise managed by the Pokemon Company.

Credit: Facts Daily

With that being said, recently, there is a HDB Flat design focusing the theme of this house on the popular Japanese anime and combining modern day design techniques! Let’s see how it looks!

▼ This spacious living room occupies a giant Mega Charizard X statue as the centre of attraction and Pokeball-shaped television wall mount. Despite that, there are cute cushions shaped in various Pokemon on the floor.

Credit: Instagram

▼ Right behind the living room which is within the same space, there is a small enclosed room with a giant Snorlax bed.

Credit: Instagram

▼ The kitchen has the Pokeball themed cabinets and Pokemon-themed food pictures are decorated on the wall.

Credit: Instagram

▼ The bedroom is filled your favourite Pikachu with matching plushies on the bed.

Credit: Instagram

▼ And not to forget the Pikachu-themed bathroom!

Credit: Instagram

This creatively designed unit will surely put all Pokemon fans a wow on their face!

Netizens’ responses to this Pokemon-themed design:


This clearly shows that Pokemon fans are really excited and happy with this design!

This Pokemon-themed HDB Flat design is so cool that I’m sure most of you want to have the same design in your home too!

Info via: Absolook Instagram