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Promoting Lipstick or Paint?!

Photo Credit to Facebook

Lipsticks are usually promoted by swatching them on one’s skin or any bright surface to demonstrate the colour so that buyers would know how it exactly looks.

Credit: Stellar Magazine

Recently, there is a post on Facebook that went viral about the unique way an online store promoted their lipstick shades with more than 24K likes and over 47K shares.

The post went viral because of the way the lipstick were swatched on the seller’s whole arm which caught the netizens’ attention.

Credit: Facebook

Not only that! The names given for the lipstick shades were also unique and unusual!

▼ A lipstick shade was named sunrise meanwhile another shade was named sunset.

Credit: Facebook

▼ The way the lipstick shades were promoted looks more like promoting paint than lipstick.

▼ The lipsticks are said to be out of stock because they have been used to do the photoshoot by coating it the whole hand. ~LOL

Also, there were suggestions on what the shades should have been named!

▼ The shade named ‘Nude’ should be named as redrum.


Credit: Facebook

▼ Well, the ‘Cherry Red’ shade look more like Day 6 period blood than an actual colour of a cherry.

Credit: Facebook

These pictures were also shared by many people and pages which also went viral!

Wow, this creative and funny way of promoting their lipstick shade is really effective for the fact that it went viral! 

Info via: Facebook