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Karma: Snatchers Hit By The Victim

Photo credit to Twitter | Facebook

There is a lot of bad people and we have to be aware of them. This one twitter user went viral when he shared a story of a woman being snatched in front of farmers’ market near AEON AU2. The tweet gained over 11K retweets and 9K likes from the netizens.

Credit: Twitter

The woman had the worst nightmare when she was being snatched while stopping at a traffic light. It was being reported that the snatchers broke her car’s window and took off with her handbag. Angry, she followed them. Around the corner of the farmers’ market, she hit them with her car.

Credit: Facebook

The snatchers’ bike was damaged badly. Not only the snatchers but the car of the people who selling things at the market also damaged.

Credit: Facebook

However, the good news is both of the snatchers got caught. All the people helped in detaining the culprits. It was also added that the incident place is usually crowded with polices and soldiers.

Credit: Facebook

There is a lot of netizens commented about the situation and some of them definitely very entertaining!

Netizens’ Responses

▼People are applauding her dedication for capturing the snatchers

▼People even said that they would do the same thing! 

▼Once blow up, it’s game over~

▼It is definitely satisfying!

▼Those makeup is not cheap! Don’t mess with girls’ things.
▼Warning to all of the snatchers!
This definitely serves as a warning for people who tries to snatch people’s bag next time.
Info via Twitter