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Sunway University’s Unique Way In Practicing Social Distancing!

Photo Credit: Facebook

As we all know, the new norm is practicing social distancing wherever we go. Many countries have used different ways to ensure people to practice social distancing in public places.

Credit: Sapiens | CNN health | WFIS | foodandwine

In Facebook post yesterday, on 1st July, Sunway University showed off its creative way to practice social distancing around the campus. The post went viral because of its unique way of practicing social distancing!

Sunway University, Malaysia has put up live-sized cut outs of celebrities and famous figures to make sure the students to practice social distancing.

Around 20 cut-outs are placed in between one to two seats in the lecture hall. Celebrities and famous figures like Lee Chong Wei, Yuna, Nicol David, Albert Einstein and many more are waiting in the class for other students to join them for a lesson.

Credit: Facebook

Besides, there are many more cut-outs are placed like Mr Bean, JK Rowling, BTS Jongkook and many more on the benches around the campus.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Netizens’ opinion on this creative way to practice social distancing:

The students are clearly so excited to go back to the university and experience the new norm! Brilliant way to catch the students’ attention I would say!

Info via: FB Sunway University