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Super-Fast Labor: Woman Gives Birth While Standing in Car Park

A woman from Florida, US gave birth to her baby while standing in a parking lot of the birthing centre on June 19. This baby girl just can’t wait to see the world!

Credit : Youtube

According to The Star, Susan and her husband Joseph were driving to a birthing centre when she felt the contraction. Once they parked their car the both of them quickly walk toward the centre. But, somehow she need to stop half-way because she can felt the baby head was coming out.

A midwife named Sandra heard someone was screaming, so she quickly went to the carpark, looking at the situation. She knew they can even make their way inside the centre.

Credit : Youtube

The incident happened like real fast, second after she check on her the baby already slipped through the side of Susan’s short. The midwife managed to grab on her and passed the newborn to Susan.

“This momma had a super-fast labor. In midwife terms, it was precipitous, But no one was expecting it to be that fast. ” the centre stated.

Credit : Youtube

Susan initial planned to have a water birth. However, baby Julia just “had another ideas.” The birthing centre also assured that Susan and Julia are doing “amazing.”

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