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The Sabah Tree Girl, Veveonah Revealed She Got CGPA 3.5 For Her Exam!

Photo credit to Iloveborneo | NST

Remember the girl who climbed the tree to do her exam in Sabah? Veveonah Mosibin went viral because of her youtube video about her daily life, living in a rural area where Internet access is very limited. Due to the lack of Internet access, Veveonah has to do her exam on the tree where she can get the connection.

Credit: The Star

After the vlog went viral, Veveonah has been visited by the District Education Office. Not only that but the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) was notified about this matter and reached out to help and in the process of making a new telecommunication tower near her village. Furthermore, she also received scholarship to continue her bachelor’s degree in Universiti Malaysia Sabah(UMS).

Credit: The Star

She also has other good news to share! Veveonah shared in her recent interview that she got CGPA 3.5. Moreover, it is the same exam that she did on the tree! Her dedication towards education is tremendous when she bravely decide to climb the tree for her exam. Originally, she has a hut specifically for her to do her exam or learning but due to the typhoon, it was destroyed. But, she still works hard to find another solution.

Credit: Sinar Harian

Shopee team also gives a special care package for her! The kit included a laptop, smartphone, backpack, wireless Bluetooth speaker, headphones, power bank, smartwatch a tripod, and ring light from both Shopee and Shopee Mall retailer, N4 Camera Store.

Credit: NST

Veveonah also added that she was thankful for the Shopee’s generosity. She shared that she aspires to be a lecturer but noted she would continue her efforts to become a YouTuber and content creator to spread positivity to the community, including her viewers.

Credit: The Star

Hopefully, her future will be brighter and full of opportunity!

Info via iloveborneo