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This is so Cool! Universiti Malaya Converts a School Bus into A Unique Airbnb

Photos credit to Facebook

Finally we are in the recovery MCO where local travelling restrictions is lifted. Everyone has been itching to leave their homes just for a short local getaway..Hehe do i!

Therefore, we have some cool staycation to share with you! Ta-dah .. Introducing the Rumah No. 2! The new Airbnb that is “hot” in social media recently.

Maybe you will ask what’s so special about it? It was converted from an old University Malaya school bus. It’s just perfect for anyone looking to escape the busy city for a little while.

There is also a lovely garden/farm located just behind the house is also home for a pair of friendly rabbits and chicken. You can help yourself with the veggies, make some salads from the garden or spend a leisurely afternoon entertaining our rabbits and chicken.

According to Malay Mail, the bus was previously found abandoned on the University Malaya campus for a long time. Master of Science student at University Malaya Siti Norasiah Abd Kadir said the idea originated from the university’s former Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Development Professor Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan.

“The university had initially wanted to dispose of the old bus in 2016 that has been stranded on campus for many years,” she said.

Talk about being environmentally-friendly by reusing, reducing, and recycling!

It was originally scheduled to open in April, but plans were delayed due to Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO). Since opening the bus for rental early this month, the response has been overwhelming.

If you’re interested in staying overnight in this bus, you can check them out in Airbnb.