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Tragic Downfall of a Thai Actress: Addicted to Drug, Living In Dumpsite & Dies At 33

Photo Credit to zhihu | sina

A famous former Thai actress, Tai Manusanan Pandee, 33, who in recent years had fallen onto hard times, was found dead at a house on Jul 23, reported by China Press.

The Police was notified of the incident around 10am in the morning. No sign of struggling was found neither on her body nor in the house and she was lying in a sleeping area. She was found dead by the owner of the home, an 81-year-old long-time family friend Mr. Jan Kongkaew.

Credit : China Press

She was a famous Thai teenage actress 13 years ago and starred as a supporting actress in some  TV shows, movies, commercials and other media. Some of her better known movies were “Noodle Boxer” and “See How They Run”. She also became a fairly prominent singer on the entertainment scene in Bangkok too.

However, last year she was found begging on the streets in Chonburi district with her head shaved. She is living in poverty somewhere around a dumpsite and struggling with various mental and physical issues.

Credit : China Press

Some said Tai developed mental illnesses after being involved in a tragic car accident and was arrested several times with various theft and drug related charges in 2016 and 2018. The car accident had also reportedly killed her former boyfriend, a singer, which reportedly spiralled her into depression and drug abuse.

However, according to some of her relatives and other media, she was said to have bad influence from some friends which led her to drug.

Credit : China Press

According to Pattaya News, she had stayed with her mother, 53-year-old, at a homeless shelter in Chonburi district.

The house’s owner, Mr. Jan said Tai’s mother is now in prison. He did not disclose the nature of her legal charges or if she had been made aware of her daughter’s death.

Tai was asked to stay at his house recently after her mother went to prison as his family had known her family for a long time.

Credit : China Press

According to Mr. Jan, Tai had looked very sick all this week but had dismissed any attempts for aid. At 10am today she was found deceased in her sleeping area.

The police will continue their investigation to find the cause of death.