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True Collector, This Man Collected Everything From Milo For More Than 10 Years!

Photo credit to Facebook

These days, it is rare to find people collecting things as a hobby. This is because this kind of hobby really takes time to collect it. Usual collection hobby that we know is money, stamps, books, and arts. But, this man collects something that we would not think about it.

Credit: Hobbiesidea

This man from Klang has a collection of items being released by MILO since 1950! He collected all of the items for more than 10 years. It started when he was cleaning the house when he found all the Milo things. Then, he remembered his dad who passed away and missed his childhood. Since then, he slowly tried to collect everything related to Milo.

Credit: Facebook

When we said he collects everything, we really meant it. He has literally everything from Milo that been released. From mugs, cups, free gifts, stickers, miniature models, cans, and more! He started to collect Milo items since 2008. The collection that he has right now, mostly the product only from this country.

Credit: Facebook

His wife also did support him and even helped him find the items for his collection. All the items he collected are on display in his living room. He also helped his wife to clean and taking care of the items that he collected.

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One of his friends actually offers to buy his collection of Milo cups for RM3,000 but he declines the offers because, for him, money cannot buy the value of sentimental of the things he collected.

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The most valuable thing that he collected is the Milo can from the 1960s. It is because instead of malt drinks been written in front of the can, it was written “Tonic Food Drinks”.

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He spends more than RM30,000, including the display rack and the hard to find Milo’s items. All the items that he collected are being bought from antique market, Kopitiam, and Coffee shops.

Credit: Facebook

He also shares his love to collect Milo items with people on Facebook. The group also has more than 6K members and very active. He currently runs a Facebook group for Milo fans! Not only he can share collections and buy items, but the platform also used to make friends with people who have the same interest. Annually, they would have met up with the active group members to keep a close relationship with each other.

Credit: Facebook

Netizen’s Responses

▼Well, this is such a great hobby!

▼Milo’s Marketing team certainly needs a raise for their ideas!

▼All hail to the true Milo King!

Collecting something with a deeper meaning is such a great feeling!

Info via Facebook