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[Video] Couple Swept Away By Massive Wave During Wedding Photoshoot

Photos credit to Instagram

What i can say is not all moments go as expected, this couple from California, US decided to capture the dreamy images of newlywed love in a beautiful destination, Treasure Island Beach.

Credit : Theknotnews

The bride was in a white gown while the groom wore a black tuxedo, the photographer placed them on a rock where they can captured the wave action. But, the moment they were ready for the shoot, a massive wave swept the both of them away.

One eyewitness named Ionel Coroama captured the incident on camera, The Star reported. The video showed the wave approach them while they were getting ready for their photoshoot.

The clip then cut and showed the bride later being carried in the water by a lifeguard. A second lifeguard quickly swam to them and handed the woman a floating device.

Moments after, the two lifeguards lifted the woman out of the water as they neared the shore. The bride managed to remain seated upright after she was placed on the beach.

Meanwhile, her husband was laying down on the sand while being tended to by a third lifeguard. The couple was lucky enough did not sustain any injuries from the incident.

Info via ABC News