Video of a Man Doing Nothing For 2 Hours Got More Than 730k Views!

Photo Credit to Youtube

Have you ever see someone sitting and doing nothing but staring at one point for a long time?

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Recently, there is a man who posted a video of him doing nothing for more than 2 hours on Youtube which went viral with more than 730k views, 390k likes and 13k comments.

The Youtube channel “sobat miskin official” that brings a literal meaning of “official poor friend” in Bahasa Indonesia. The channel was started around 5 months has more than 16.5k subscribers. This man went viral after his channel name became famous through memes on social media in Indonesia.

Credit: Youtube

“2 hours of not doing anything, well, that’s the title of the video. The reason why I made this video is because there were a lot of pressure from some Indonesian society who told me to create content to educate and benefits young people; finally with a heavy heart and reluctantly, I did. I finally made this video, but if you ask me if it beneficial or not, it depends on yourself. Just accept the good entertainment from this video”, he explained in the description of the video entirely on the reason he shoot this video.

▼ Netizens were pretty impressed and find it funny how this man sit and do nothing for more than 2 hours.

▼ The man’s video is actually some people’s life in just 2 hours!

▼ But was he really doing nothing during the shoot of the video?

You can check out Didit’s video on Youtube!

Well, I guess doing nothing is really an art! 

Info via: Youtube