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[Video] Purple lightning strikes Statue of Liberty, Meteorologists Warn Severe Weather Threat

Photo Credit to Twitter | Daily Mail

Purple lightning has been captured striking behind Statue of Liberty as New York City was hit by a dramatic thunderstorm, reported Daily Mail.

In the video which was posted on Twitter on Jul 23, the intense lightning blasted down behind the Statue of Liberty and lit up the surrounding city.

Credit : Daily Mail

The National Weather Service issued a severe weather threat. Meteorologists warned there could be weak tornadoes and flooding in the city.

Two people were struck by lightning in South Ozone Park, Queens, according to CBS. They are in hospital but their conditions are unknown.

Credit : Daily Mail

Lightning also struck a church steeple and sparked a fire nearby. Luckily, no one was hurt there.

Some of the area in New York City was suffered a power outage because of the storm. People who lived in New Jersey experienced hail and flash flooding. While in Morristown, golf ball-sized hail fell for 30 minutes and smashed cars.