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Viral Video of a Mum with Her 9-mo Baby Walking from S’pore to JB, Baby Was Tested Positive for Covid-19

Photo credit to youtube

A Chinese Mum carried her 9-month-old daughter, with their luggages, walk across Johor-Singapore Causeway, and found her daughter to be Covid-19 positive after the Swab test, they were then sent to Kluang General Hospital for treatment.

Credit : Youtube

She documented her journey home and the hospitalisation in a 5-minute video. In one of the scene, she was break down in tears, worried about her baby and missing her family.

Credit : Youtube

The video went viral on Facebook with most netizens praised the mum for her courage.

This mum was believed went Singapore with her husband before MCO, and had been stranded there for at least 3 months. They finally decided to go home which is in Kulai, Johor.

She woke up at 5.30am to get ready and started their journey not long after. She reached Singapore Custom at 7.00am with a luggage, a backpack and a “baby” in carrier.

Credit : Youtube

She also mentioned in a video that a kind-hearted passer-by help them to pull their luggage when they walk across the causeway. They reached JB custom half an hour later. After filling up forms, they have been arranged to do a Swab test in a MPC Wilayah Selatan.

After waiting for a few hours, the health officer called upon her daughter’s name and told her ” You Negative, Tapi anak Positive”( Your result is negative, but your child is positive). Soon after, an ambulance send them to Kluang General Hospital to receive treatment.

Credit : Youtube

The 9-month-old baby girl was on her best behaviour through-out the journey, no whining at all!

According to China Press, the mother and daughter were discharged on Jun 21 after 8 days of hospitalisation. Finally, they are allowed to go home.

Credit : China Press

Based on the data from Health Ministry, Health D-G Dr. Noor Hisham said on Jun 15, there are 3 imported cases, where 3 Malaysians coming back from Singapore tested positive, which one of them is the 9-month-old baby.

Check out her video: