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Viral Video Of Dogs On The Skylight Amused Netizens

Cats and dogs make a very great companion for you. Having a pet will make you less lonely, especially when you live alone. You would feel entertained by the cute and funny quirks that they have. But, sometimes they can be a little bit weird too.

Credit: Medical News Today

This user shared a tweet that went viral over 114K retweets and over 400K likes of a few dogs known as huskies, sitting on a see-through sunroof on a house. The results of it are pretty hilarious.

Not only that, the user even tweet retribution of another dog which is a golden retriever that was known for its habit to stay on a roof.

Credit: Twitter

They even made a poster regarding their dog, in case people would be worried.

Credit: Twitter

But, seriously, how did he get up there? I mean, there’s nothing in the rules say that dogs can’t play on the skylight.

Credit: Twitter

The users also share more photos of dogs, standing on glass. It is so cute~

Credit: Twitter

Don’t they get scared of height?

Credit: Twitter

If your thinking only dogs are doing that, well, cats also love being on the glass.

Credit: Twitter

Oh, hello. You seem a bit uncomfortable in that position, dear cat.

Credit: Twitter

I can see this one clearly very comfortable with its position, judging from the sleep.

Credit: Twitter

The netizens responded as they were amused by the picture of the dogs and cats, taking from below a glass.

Netizens’ responses

▼Huskies breed are known to be having a sassy and stubborn personality

▼I’m not surprise if anyone become a billionaire with this kind of business

▼I must say that is a good pun~

▼Especially if you live in big houses, it must be really scary to see your pets on the roof.

This is too cute! Wonder how the owners get accustomed to their weird yet funny behavior.

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