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VVIP Guest! A Bride Put Her Favourite Plushy In Front Row During Her Wedding

Photo Credit to Twitter

When we are young, we would have our favourite plushy, blanket or ‘bantal busuk’ that we would carry around with us. It is very normal for children to have it with them as it gives them a sense of security. Even for some grown-up, they still have or carry around their favourite plushy or bantal busuk with them.

Credit: Meme Arsenal

This bride went viral when she brings her favourite plushy as a VIP guest at her wedding. The tweets gathered almost 12K retweets and 39K likes for being very adorable and funny at the same time.

Credit: Twitter

The aquatic dinosaur plushy that she brought is from a very popular fictional character called Tokage from Sumikko Gurashi also known as the life in the corner.

Credit: Tenor

The bride went against her mother’s words and insisted to include her plushy at her wedding. Apparently, the plushy even get to seat the front row where the family usually seat as the bride want her plushy to witness her wedding.

Credit: Twitter

This tweet has brought a lot of laughter and joy to the netizens that read it, which most of them commented.

Netizen’s responses

▼Most people definitely agree this is very adorable!

▼Let’s be honest, the plushy is very lucky that it didn’t need to wait to enter.

▼It’s great that a very important ‘guest’ get to attend her wedding!

Credit: Twitter

▼Sometimes, we just need to cherish what’s important for us.

▼This person also brought her daughter with her to her wedding.

Credit: Twitter


▼Growing up, everyone has their own imaginary friends.

▼This cute blue dinosaur definitely beloved by people!

▼Having a deskmate would be nice~

So guys, if you want to bring your plushies to your wedding, hopefully this might give you the courage!

Info via Twitter