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Well Played! This Uncle Outplayed His Wife To Escape Scolding

Credit photo to Twitter

For people who don’t cook, grocery shopping is very hard because some vegetables are very hard to distinguish. So, you would either bought all the things that match the descriptions or buy none. However, you might get some scolding afterward from spending too much or from not buying the thing.

Credit: TogetherishMom

This uncle was asked by his wife to do grocery shopping. However, he didn’t buy any citrus fruit that she asked for. The reason is he didn’t know which citrus she asked. The tweet garnered over 9K retweets and 14K likes for the very entertaining story.

Credit: Twitter

To escape from her scolding, he made a presentation, showing what kind of citrus that he knows and asks her to be more specific. From the picture, the bigger one is Mandarin Orange, the smaller one is Sunkist Orange, the yellow one is lemon and the green one is a lime.

Credit: Twitter

Some people speculate that he forgot to buy the citrus fruit. To escape from his wife’s scolding, he lectures his wife for specific information. Because sometimes by saying that we didn’t know or explained the situation, we might get away from forgetting to buy things.

The netizens were all amused by this and share their feelings regarding the hilarious story.

Netizen’s Responses

▼When you can relate to the situation

▼Extra information is very welcome for grocery shopping.

▼Not too late for the uncle to have a new career.

▼Maybe, the uncle also can give us a class for other vegetables too.

▼He is very diligent as giving the lecture, indeed.

Well played, uncle! Might use this trick next time~

Info via Twitter