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Yummy! 22 Hidden Roti Menu That You Need To try When You Eat At Mamak

In Malaysia, Mamak stalls are very popular and alway pack with people. You can see all ethnicities having their meal or drink at Mamak especially during football season, night movies, and more. What makes Mamak culture is so special to Malaysian? It is because they are very friendly, fast, varied and cheap.

Credit: Malay Mail

Most people at Mamak would eat Roti canai and a Teh Tarik on the side. However, you would easily get bored with the same menu. Today we are going to share 20 hidden menu that you would love to try out from Mamak.

1.Roti Banjir

Credit: Facebook

Most roti canai gives you the Dhal curry also known as Pigeon pea curry at the side. But, sometimes the curry would be finished before the roti. So, we have a great menu for dhal curry lovers like you, which is Roti Banjir. Roti Banjir is a Roti that was submerged in the curry of your picking. We can guarantee that you will not get enough of this.

2.Roti Cheese Leleh

Credit: Facebook

Cheese is delicious and let’s be honest, most people love cheese. For cheese lovers, watching cheese pull is very satisfactory. If you love cheese that much, you can try Roti Canai Cheese Leleh. The Roti was filled with cheese and when you pulled it while it still hot to enjoy the melted goodness. It is also served with your favourite curry at the side.

3.Roti Tampal

Credit: Twitter

Roti Canai with egg is basically a lot of people favourite. But some people are not satisfied or fond of how the egg cooked in the roti canai. For those who love their egg yolk is soft in the middle, we got Roti Tampal for you. The egg was cooked sunny sided, separately first before the roti was put on top of the egg. The result is a very delicious roti with eggs that have soft yolk.

4.Roti Jantan

Credit: Luar Teko

If you are someone who loves protein, Roti Jantan is for you. Despite the name, ladies can also give it a try. This roti was topped off with two eggs, sometimes soft boiled and sometimes sunny sided and also dhal curry with sambal. It is very delicious and filling!

5. Roti Scrambled

Credit: Malaysia Most Wanted

Roti Scrambled is one of really fun creation. It is a Roti wrapped like a burrito and inside, there are scrambled eggs, meats/chicken and sausages. It is also topped off with mayonnaise. The taste? Heavenly. This is a really good Malaysian style breakfast burrito.

6.Roti Dol Cheese

Credit: Twitter

This roti looks very appetizing and packed with flavour. The Roti was topped with Cheese, sunny side egg, onions and curry. It is also served on a small-sized cooking pan. The combination flavour is really good and you need to try it!

7. Roti Sarang Burung

Credit: Twitter

This roti is really cute! It mimicked the way bird nest is. This roti was formed into a round shape and in the middle, there were 2 eggs cooked inside. It is really buttery and delicious! No wonder people love it soo much.

8. Roti Puri

Credit: VitDaily

This is Roti looked very rounded! However, the inside is hollow. This Roti is very crunchy and light. Some people would order this as a snack but you can also order this as a meal. It also tastes delicious by its own but the flavour amped up with curry or sambal.


Credit: Flickr

Martabak or Murtabak is a bit different than your typical roti. This roti has a very thin, crispy layer with a thick filling. The filling is made with eggs, onions, meat or chicken and sometimes cheese.It is really filling and also really big.

10.Roti Jala

Credit: Kuali

This roti is named after the appearance. It looks like a net, right? This roti have a yellowish colour because the batter is made with turmeric. The way of cooking also different as the batter is much more watery and it was formed by stripes before was rolled in a roll. It comes with the side of curry and this pairing is a made match from heaven.

11.Roti Jepun

Credit: Murnidiscovery

This roti, it is not originated by Japan or have any elements of Japan! The dough was added with eggs, butter, milk and cheese fried until the surface is browned. The sweet and salty combination makes you crave for more!

12.Roti Maggi

Credit: Burpple

Maggi is another food that is very popular at Mamak. But you know, there is a combination of the two favourites food to get in Mamak? Yes, this bizarre food looks a bit intimidating but the taste will completely change your mind. They even recommended having an egg added.

13.Roti Canai Durian

Credit: Facebook

Durian lovers! We’ve got something for you too. This roti is very popular during the Durian season. Roti Durian has durian meat inside the roti as a filling. The taste of sweet and rich durian goes very well with the crunchy texture of the Roti.

14.Roti Beckham 

Credit: Openrice

First of all, this roti is not created by David Beckham. This roti has a lot of fillings which are eggs, tuna, ham slices and cheese! I guess you would love to eat this Roti during a football season.

15.Roti Hawaii

Credit: The Star

This roti has chicken or beef minced meat, hot dogs, pineapples, and scrambled eggs. You also can request to add cheese if you want. Then, a full mayonnaise is added to the outer layer of the bread. This bread tastes so scrumptious!

16.Roti Canai Meriah

Credit: Butterkicap

This Roti is very popular due to its colour. The various colour looks really mesmerizing and sometimes actually funny! Some places the colours actually taste different.

17.Roti Tisu KLCC

Credit: Restoran Aliff

Roti Tisu is really sweet and addictive as it was topped with condensed milk. Not only that, but the texture is also light and crispy which makes it much better. This twin tower version of your normal-sized Roti Tisu will make your experience even better!

18.Roti Fujima

Credit: Instagram

This ice cream would be a great craving, especially during the hot weather! The Roti was served with ice cream and banana. The cool and hot combination is very refreshing!

19.Roti Sweet Forever

Credit: Murnidiscovery

The Roti was made with Roti Kosong, topped with corn kernels and two scoops of vanilla ice cream, decorated with mint leaves. This surely will fix your sweet craving in a blink!

20.Roti One Malaysia

Credit: Vkeong

The roti is perfect for people who don’t like too much sweetness but crave for something sweet at the moment. The roti is very thin and crispy. It topped with peanuts, milo and nestum. You can chow down this really fast!

21. Roti Tsunami

Credit: iCookAsia

If you a big fan of Roti Banjir but you want a bit of twist, you can try Roti Tsunami. This Roti has 2 eggs on top, submerged in dhal curry and Sambal Ikan Bilis. The sambal is really tasty and makes it have a little more kick for people who love spices.

22. Roti Ular

Credit: Facebook

It looks cute, doesn’t it? This roti really looks like a real snake. It was cooked into long shape instead of the normal round shape. When it’s cooked, it is drizzled with condensed milk.

Which one you would choose to taste first?