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190 Beads Were Found Inside A 5-year-old Girl’s Stomach!

Photo Credit to Jinan Children's Hospital

Small children tend to put random things in their mouth especially toys or anything that catch their attention. Parents or guardians have to make sure the safety of the children by being with them when they’re playing.

Credit: Queensland Health

Recently, 190 colourful beads were found and removed from a 5-year-old girl’s stomach in China after she swallowed them while she was playing.

The tiny beads were stuck inside the girl’s stomach for two months before her parents took her to the Jinan Children’s Hospital in eastern Chinese province Shandong to get checked. The doctors were shocked seeing the amount of beads inside the little girl’s stomach while conducting an X-ray scan.

Credit: Jinan Children’s Hospital

The mother of the little girl told the doctor that her daughter had swallowed 50 colourful beads while playing two months ago.

Credit: Jinan Children’s Hospital

Despite knowing that the girl had swallowed the beads, her parents did not take it serious as they thought the tiny balls would eventually come out during defecation according to the report from hospital.

The girl only went to the hospital after her mother coincidentally watched a video on social media about the dangers of children swallowing toys.

The little girl did not show any discomfort or pain in her stomach while having the beads stuck inside her stomach for the two months.

Credit: Jinan Children’s Hospital

Doctors proceeded to schedule an emergency surgery to take the beads. A total of 190 beads which is almost four times more beads claimed by the child’s parents were successfully removed from the little girl’s stomach.

However, the surgery was not smooth because the beads were strongly attached to each other and hardly separated. The doctors had to take them one by one since there were a lot of beads in her stomach.

Credit: Jinan Children’s Hospital
Credit: Jinan Children’s Hospital

The little girl was considered lucky as she is in a stable condition now and the fact that the beads didn’t harm her organs, doctors said.

Credit: Jinan Children’s Hospital

She is believed to have been discharged from the hospital after a successful operation.

I think parents should be more careful, always keep an eye on the children. Immediately seek for medical attention if the kid swallow any toys.

Info via: Jinan Children’s Hospital