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20 Nostalgic Malaysian Childhood Snacks That You Probably Forgot!

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Each one of us will definitely have something that would remind us of our precious childhood. Things like TV shows, memories from family vacations, school with friends might make us go back to the little us. But there is something about the delicious snacks that we’ve loved during our childhood! The snacks we munched on as kids created precious memories in our lives.

Credit: Eat This, Not That

Need a dose of nostalgia? Here are some snack from your childhood that you may remember!

1. Chocolate Footballs

The creamy chocolate balls that is wrapped with many colours of footballs which was definitely one of our favourite chocolate back then.

Credit: Amazon UK

2. Eight-Shaped Chocolate Candy

These eight-shaped chocolate candies were also used as so called eyeglasses after finish eating all the colourful candies. We were not the only one right?

Credit: Shopback Malaysia

3. Apollo Chocolate Wafer Cream Sticks

These Apollo light chocolate wafer cream sticks are something you can find in your goodie bag during events at schools all the time!

Credit: Pinterest

4. Listerine Sheets

These strong mint flavoured listerine sheets melts in your mouth the moment you put it on your tongue.

Credit: Reddit

5. Pikin Plum Candy

This candy that we all pretended like we’re eating vitamin tablets or are we the only one who does that?

Credit: Shopee Malaysia

6. Choki-Choki

Definitely one of the best chocolate sticks ever! You can never deny that!

Credit: Pinterest

7. Kokomass

This heart-shaped creamy chocolate that comes in both vanilla and chocolate flavour in it is definitely irreplaceable. You can even get a small plastic spoon when you buy the chocolate.

Credit: Shopee Malaysia

8. Ice Gems

The colourful ice gems on top of the biscuits is all we need. Can you relate?

Credit: DeviantArt

9. Sugus

Small square-shaped chewy candy that in comes many flavours. Remember fighting with your siblings to have that one flavour or are you normal?

Credit: BEHYPY

10. Jelly Cups

A go-to goodie bag jelly. The jellies with its striking colour and the sweet syrup that we slurp till the very end.

Credit: Twitter

11. Tora, Ding Dang & Jojo

You feel the luckiest if you get this as it is slightly pricier than other snacks. The free toys in it are the best treats.

Credit: Shopee

12. Lemon tablets

Never heard of or tried these lemon tablets? What a waste! The tangy and salty taste leaves you craving for more once you’ve had it. If you’re planning to try it though, don’t bite into them unless you’re prepared for an intense burst of flavor which will probably overpower your taste buds.

Credit: Shopee Malaysia

13. Didi Jelly Bean

Colourful chewy jelly beans that definitely made our childhood better. But we couldn’t have it everyday as the price was a little expensive for our RM2 per day pocket money.

Credit: Shopee

14. Haw Flakes

Chinese sweets filled with salty-sweet taste made from the hawthorn fruit are definitely an old-time favourites I would say!

Credit: Pinterest

15. Super Ring

Even though this snack has the power to stain everything it came into contact with, but can’t deny that it is one of the addictive goodness till this very moment! Also, remember wearing them like a ring on your fingers before eating them one by one?

Credit: Carousell

16. Ice Lolly

Malaysian signature ice-cream stick that you can get for only RM0.20 per stick in front of your schools that comes in different flavours.

Credit: Hype MY

17. Mamee Monster

One of the Malaysia’s well-known local brands is Mamee Monster. This crunchy, noodle snack that you probably thought it is a real noodle that is dried or I was the only one?

Credit: BEHYPY

18. Chewy Stick Candy

This chewy fruit candy that comes in sticks, just like lollipops. It is just like Sugus, but it had the milky aftertaste. Creamy flavour that definitely made kids addicted to it. Not forgetting its colorful packaging with adorable cartoon characters on the wrappers.

Credit: Accstore Accstore

19. Push-pops

Everyone knows push-pops that we used to use it as ‘lipstick’ before licking it up.

Credit: Candy Warehouse

20. Sour Fruit Powder

The sour fruit flavoured powder comes with a mini straw. Well, little did you know that you were supposed add in a little water, shake it up to dissolve the powder and drink it? Most of us would just sprinkle the powder on our tongues and ate it straight.

Credit: Shopee

These snacks that we ate without our parents’ knowledge was one of the best sneaky memories I would say.

Did you manage to find your favourite childhood snack?