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3-Year-Old Girl’s Nose Tissue Corroded After Inhaling a Lithium Battery

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Small children explore new things and learn from it. When they’re growing, their immune system develops and they use all the senses such as smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing. Sometimes, they can’t help but put random things inside their mouth, nose or even ear.

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Recently, a Thai netizen shared about an unfortunate incident about a little girl who had a lithium battery in her nose which had her nose tissue damaged went viral with more than 2K likes and 1K shares on Facebook.


As he shared, the three-year old girl was found by her mother suffering from abrupt shortness of breath, heavy snoring and having a constant runny nose which doesn’t seem normal because it was smelled bad.

She brought the little girl to the Sichon Hospital thinking she was having a fever. They eventually got to know that there was a small piece of metal which is a lithium watch battery after conducting x-ray of the child’s nostril.

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The lithium battery inhaled by the little girl then was found lodged into windpipe which is why she was having difficulties to breath properly. The young girl was then put under anesthesia before conducting a surgery on her left nostril to remove the battery out. Before the surgery, they had to drain off the amount of pus stored in the girl’s windpipe.

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Turns out, the watch battery that was stuck in her windpipe, began to corrode, melting the surrounding soft tissue that lined which turned it brown and black.

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After removing the battery, the doctors had to cut off the corroded tissue. She was told to stay in the hospital for a week and prescribed a dose of antibiotics before discharge.

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▼ This type of incidents is happening everywhere! Netizens shared their experience having a small children who eventually have done something similar.



Parents or care-takers should be more careful if you have small children running around! This is a lesson for all the parents out there! Small children may easily get random things into their mouth and nose. 

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