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A 19-year-old Mother Working as a Delivery Rider Bringing Her Two Children Along!

Photo Credit to Facebook | Instagram

A mother is a selfless and loving human who sacrifice their wants and needs for their children. A mother works hard to make sure their child is equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to make it as a competent human being.

Being a mother is never easy. A mother has to take care of the children and even earn for the family.

Credit: RAND Corporation

Recently, a post on Facebook about a woman who works as a delivery rider with her children went viral with more than 74K likes, 2K comments and 63K shares.

Would anyone believe this woman who is a mother of 2 children is only 19 years old, named Lada Koroleva works as a delivery rider for a company named “Delivery Club” bringing her kids along with her. It seems that the young mother was forced to work as a delivery rider in order to feed herself and both her children.

She started being famous after a simple photo of her carrying delivery bag with her baby in a stroller taken in her hometown of Rostov-on-Don in March 2019.

Credit: Mothership

Lada decided to divorce her husband but she couldn’t since the quarantine had begun before the couple could even get a divorce. The reason why Lada made this decision was because the young husband took no responsibility for the family as they already have two children.

Her husband was supposedly to join the army but since quarantine started, he spends his time to play games on the computer and only care for himself. Lada received support from the public in the form of food, goods and money after she allegedly turned to the media revealing her family situation.

Credit: Instagram

▼ On a post in Lada’s instagram, she explained how hard it is to work with two children. She said that she had to carry a stroller to the bus stop and to the post office near the house as big buses do not go from the garden of her house.

She added that she is ready for work day and night if there is someone who could take care of her children. She can’t carry and bring them everywhere as it is hard for her since they’re growing. She can’t afford to pay for someone to take care of her children since she can barely pay the rental for the apartment she’s staying at the moment.

▼ Lada posted a picture of herself with her children in a train a month ago saying that the delivery mask is very large and asked if someone could suggest a remote work without investment with a daily payment. She said she can clean apartments if anyone wants.

Credit: Instagram

Despite all the difficulties and hardships Lada is going through, she is staying strong without giving up for both her children. Lada is definitely a strong lady and mother!

Info via: Teller Report