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A Car Emerged From The Motorcycle Tunnel On Opposite Way!

Photo credit to Facebook

We have seen a lot of weird compilation of cars or motorcycles’ drama but recently, there is a Facebook page shared a video of a car drives in motorcycle’s line! To make it scarier, it also was driving the wrong way.


Credit: Facebook

▼The video started with the motorcycle’s owner, talking about his day and he was driving fairly fast.

Credit: Facebook

▼In front of him, there was another motorcyclist that was riding in front of him.

Credit: Facebook

▼Suddenly, there was a motorcycle emerges from the tunnel in wrong way.

Credit: Facebook

▼In split second, there is a white car emerges from the tunnel, which shocked him and the motorcycle in front of him.

Credit: Facebook

▼The motorcycle in front of the person who records manages to stop at the side.

Credit: Facebook

▼However, the one who records didn’t manage to do the same thing. He ended up, rammed to the wall.

Credit: Facebook

▼Luckily, another motorcyclist checks upon him.

Credit: Facebook

▼Both of them could be seen shaken up by the sudden incident.

Credit: Facebook

There are a lot of theories of why the car was in the motorcyclist’s lane in the first place and one of them is actually because the car is trying to run away from the traffic jam.

Netizens’ Responses

▼People applauded for the motorcycle for being able to elude from the accident.

▼Usually, Myvi does the out of nature thing. Guess, some cars are following the example..

▼Apparently, this thing is not new in the motorcyclists’ community.


▼A lot of people also were angered with the white motorcycle who also rode in the wrong way!

▼There are also some people who blamed the motorcyclist for not paying attention


Stay safe everyone~ Car driver, please don’t take advantage of motorcycle’s lane!

Info via Facebook