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A Girl Cried After Her Cat Destroyed Her Homework

Photo credit to Twitter

Have you ever heard people giving excuse to the teacher that they cats or dogs destroyed their homework? Most people don’t believe it. But, this video may make you change your mind. This video garnered over 8K retweets and 6K likes of a girl cried because of her homework destroyed by her cat and her cat feign innocent!

Credit: Twitter

The 45 seconds video started with the girl crying and the cat faking its death. The owner laugh when she look at the cat, innocent face and called out its name ‘Gemuk’ or Fatty.

Credit: Twitter

The owner behind the camera told the girl to copy again. But the girl cried and said that she doesn’t want to it because she’s tired.

Credit: Twitter

The owner called the cat. Instead of looking guilty, the cat still lying, almost faking its death and have an innocent face!

Credit: Twitter

The woman said to the girl that next time tell her to bring out the cat if she’s trying to do her homework. She even said how can she help with a situation like this happen.

Credit: Twitter

The girl cried and spoke gibberish that the teacher wants to check on her homework tomorrow.

Credit: Twitter

Until the end, the cat lied there motionless, feign its innocent.

Credit: Twitter

This video causes the netizens to laugh and shook their head at the cat behavior.

Netizens’ Responses

▶Apparently, ginger cat loves to create trouble!

▶People are laughing and scolding the cat for feigning innocent by faking death

▶Might be the homework provoking Oyen, we don’t know~

Oyen oh oyen.. such a trouble lover~

Info via Twitter