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A Lady Shouted For Help, Forcibly Dragged Out From Restaurant By Malay Men Who Claims Themselves Policemen

Photo credit to China Press

Yesterday, a video where a lady shouted for help dragging by 2 Malay men who claimed themselves to be police officers went viral. This horrific incident happened in Pandan Perdana, KL around 8 pm on Aug 23.

According to China Press, the lady and her boyfriend were having a meal in a restaurant. The boyfriend went to the bathroom after paying for the meal. At that time, 2 Malay men took the opportunity to approach the lady claimed themselves as police officers, and asked her to show her IC and eventually ask for some money too.

Credit : China Press

The panicked lady was about to get up from her seat and escape, but was held hostage by the 2 Malay men and forcibly dragged her out from the restaurant.

The scene shocked the people in the restaurant. The lady struggling and shouting for help. Fortunately, a few Chinese men stepped out and questioned them. The lady managed to escape from the hands of them.

Credit : China Press

Later on, several Chinese men and the staff from the restaurant trying hunted down the two Malay man who failed to show the police ID. One of the Malay was caught and pass to the Police while another one managed to run away.

Ampang Jaya district, police spoke person said, ” The lady lost her RM 5,000 cash and some cosmetic and 1 of the Malay man, 46-year-old who was caught on the spot is an ex-police officer and now we are going to hunt another man who committed the crime.”

Check out the video:

Info via China Press