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A Man Allegedly On Drug Crashing into a Lorry, Says ” Aku Mabuk Bodoh!”

Photo credit to Sin Chew

According to Friends of JPJ Facebook page, a man who was suspected on drug driving recklessly on the road, he crashed into a lorry. When the lorry driver questioned him why he drove recklessly, he said, ” Aku mabuk, Bodoh!”

Credit : Sin Chew

The video went viral with most commenters criticised him on his irresponsible act. In the footage uploaded, his car can be seen destroyed badly in front, which was believed impact from crashing into the lorry. However, the man seems like not injured.

Credit : Sin Chew

When the lorry driver came to check out on him. He was mumbling and shouted, ” Aku mabuk, bodoh!”. The lorry driver can be heard saying, ” kereta ni hancur lori aku depan tu! ( This car crashing into my lorry in front).

The said incident happened near Plus Highway, Bukit Gantang, Perak.

Check out the video :

Info via Sin Chew