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A Motorway Bridge Had To Build Around Tiny house After Owner Refuses To Moved

Photo credit to Dailymail

A motorway bridge in one of the Chinese cities had to be built around a tiny house after the owner decide to sell the land to the government for over 10 years. The house is known to be nail houses or ‘dingzihu’ in Mandarin. Most of these houses were offered compensation from a developer for its demolition.

A video have shown the house is in between the Haizhuyong Bridge in the metropolis of Guangzhou in Guangdong province. You can see theĀ one-story house, a 40-square-meter flat, situated in a pit in the middle of the four-lane traffic link.

The owner, known as Liang, said she had not agreed to move because the government had failed to offer her a replacement property in an ideal location. She also added that she was happy to deal with the consequences and did not mind what other people thought of her.

It is being reported that Ms. Liang had demanded the government give her four apartments, but the government had only agreed to two. However, in another interview, she claimed the government had offered her substitute of accommodation next to a morgue, making it the reason why she hadn’t settled.

Ms. Liang is also one out of 47 households and seven firms that still live there. Most of the people had moved away by last September. Even though the authorities have offered compensation in the form of money, she stills declined.

The engineers have studied the best option and way, in order, the people live there will be ensured of their security and safety before constructing the overpass.

Well, if she said no, what can be done. After all, it’s her property.

Info via Dailymail