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A Taiwanese Netizen Teach You How to Resolve a Fight with Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Photo Credit to HipWallpaper | Elite Daily

What would you do if you have a fight with your girlfriend on Valentine’s day? A Taiwanese lady shared on social media, that she get into disagreement with her boyfriend on Valentine’s day. When she was still mad at him, some mobile notifications melted her heart..🤷..guess what he did?

Those notifications are from bank. There are successful bank transactions from the boyfriend to the girlfriend account, amounting TWD 520 ( It somehow, sounded like ” i love you” in Mandarin) for 10 transactions. That will be TWD 5200 (RM 738) in total.

Credit : China Press

The girl said at that moment, looking at the bank transactions. Her heart melted and she completely forget about what is the disagreement about.

The post also came with a funny caption, ” teach you how to change a fierce tiger to a tame kitty”.

Credit : Wikihow

Needless to say, fights can be lethal for a relationship. If mishandled, even the silliest disagreement can spiral into a breakup. But if handled correctly, even the most heart-wrenchingly exhausting fight can wind up leaving your relationship even stronger than it was before the fight began.