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A Waze Application Feature That Will Help To Remind You If Your Child In The Car

Photo credit to istockphoto |ABCNews

Recently, there was a case of a  4 years old child who died after being left more than 10 hours in the car. This kind of case child being left in the car are actually very common in our country.

A lot of people are very worried regarding this incident and tried to find a solution to remind them if they had their child in the car with them.

Credit: Edubirdie

Well, apparently, Waze has a special feature where you can actually ‘reminded’ that you have your child at the back seat of your car!

Credit: Waze

How to use the features? Easy, just follow these steps!

Step 1

Go to the settings of the Waze app.

Step 2

Scroll down and find the notification. Click on the reminder.

Step 3

Click on child reminder

Step 4

Allow the reminder and you can also add a custom message to remind you.

That’s it! Now, you don’t have to worry that you forgot about the reminder or you didn’t get notified. The notification will pop up on your screen and there is an audio that will remind the parents that their child is in the car with them!

Credit: ABCNews

For busy people or someone who is cautious, this is a good application to have on your phone that can remind you about your child at the backseat.

This application is a savior for all of the parents! Don’t forget to download it ~

Info via Waze