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A “Weird” Man Trying to Open a Lady Shopper Car’s Door in a Mall’s Carpark

Photo credit to FB


A Chinese lady shared her horrifying experience in Facebook, where a man who she didn’t know trying to open her car’s door in a shopping mall carpark.

The incident happened in Mid Valley, but luckily she locked her car right after she got in.

❗❗注意❗❗没想到会发生在我身上独自去Mid Valley的女生,男生又或是有带小孩的请注意❗我在Mid Valley 8月6号 9.36pm 刚刚上车 休息一下没2分钟 我就注意到这人慢慢走近我的车(为什么会注意,…

Posted by May Qi on Khamis, 6 Ogos 2020

The original post :


Never thought such incident will happened on me, for girls who go Mid Valley alone, boys or those parents with kids please take note❗

On Aug 6, 9.36pm I just get in my car, resting a while which is less than 2 minutes, I noticed a man came closer to my car ( Why do i noticed him? because he used a cloth cover his head and his face).

Credit : Sin Chew

He accidentally bumped into my left side mirror, then he tried to open the left front door, but he failed to do so. However, he didn’t left after failed to open the front door but tried to open the back door too!

Looking at the situation, i started to honk the horn. Even though he failed to open the car’s door and she already honked the horn for sometimes but he still refused to leave ( hello?? Waiting for me to open the door for you is it?)

Credit : FB

Until a security guard walked toward my car, then only he walked behind my car, attempted to leave! (However, he didn’t run, he just walk!)

Last year, i read in FB about a similar cases in which happened in Mid Valley, i couldn’t believe it happened to me today.

❗❗ZONE C ❗❗P1❗❗Near to C16 C17❗❗

Credit : FB

Couldn’t believe this man was so daring even i parked so close to the mall entry and i can’t imagine what if i didn’t locked my car after i got in the car.

I didn’t know is it because i’m a girl and alone so he was so daring.



Soon after that, Mid Valley(MV) also sharing in their FB page confirming the incident which happened in P1, Zone C17 involved a man who tried to open a lady shopper’s car left front door while she was in her MyVi car.

Confirmation of Carpark Incident in Mid Valley MegamallWe can confirm that there has been an incident at the P1, Zone…

Posted by Mid Valley Megamall on Ahad, 9 Ogos 2020

The lady honks her car horn to seek for help. The security guard nearby attended to the aid of the shopper immediately and stopped the man and made a body search on him.

A body search on the man found no harmful objects and identification certificate. He was escorted out of Mid Valley Megamall.

Credit : MV

MV also assuring that they are monitoring the mall premises and its surroundings closely, as the health and safety of their visitors and tenants are their utmost priority.

Anyway, please make sure first thing after you get in the car is to lock your car. I think honk the horn is also a smart move when come to emergency cases like this. Stay alert and stay safe people!

Info via FB