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A Woman Accused Alya Iman a Gold Digger & Stealing Her Husband

Photo credit to China Press


19-year-old rookie actress, Nur Alya Iman Azmil being accused a gold digger and stealing another woman’s husband, but she claimed she had been misled by her ex-fiance, reported The Star.

Credit : China Press

Alya is the daughter of Malaysian actor Azmil Mustapha, she was known for her role in the teledrama ” Lelaki Kelas Sebelah” and “Senafas Rindu”.

According to China Press, a lady named Penny taking to social media accusing her a home wrecker, she claimed Alya been living in luxury with her husband’s money for 12 months, following her husband travelled in business class and he bought her luxury handbags and Rolex.

Credit : China Press

On the other hand, Alya explained, “I first got to know my ex-fiance while I was working as a health product agent and in June 2019, we started a more serious relationship ”

Alya alleged that her ex-fiance, a businessman, had deceived her into believing that their relationship was accepted by his wife. On Jul 25, she admitted she engaged with a man known as Mr. M, 30-year-old who is married with 2 kids.

“He told me that his wife knew about my existence and accepted it.”

Credit : China Press

The 19-year-old claimed to only have known the truth when he received a call from his wife while they were together.

“After that, I broke off the relationship. I admit I never directly communicated with his wife because I was scared and ashamed.”

However, Penny also claimed Alya knew all along but now she play victim now. Alya said she broke off the relationship with her husband on March but on the 2nd day of Raya(May 25), Alya was with her husband.

Credit : China Press

Beside the rumour of her being a third party, her ex-boyfriend also claimed she received RM2.3 mil from another man. But she denied the reports and said, “I know I made a mistake and I want to rectify the situation but I’ve never received RM2.3mil.”

Info via China Press