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Adorable Goat Found in Diapers in Perlis!

Photo Credit to Twitter

Most of the Malaysians have tried to dress up our pet dogs and cats with adorable pint-sized clothes at least once. Dogs and cats that is well-dressed will definitely make everyone go “aww“!

Credit: iMall

Forget about well-dressed dogs and cats!

Recently, an adorable fashionable goat’s photos that were shared on Twitter, got more than 28K likes and 24K retweets on Twitter.

In the netizen’s caption, she mentioned “This is the behaviour of nowadays mother and father. Going out for sopping forgetting their child and leaving somewher. Pity this friend waiting here” as a joke.

The brown furry animal was dressed in an oversized T-shirt and a diaper while standing on a white bench in Padang Besar, Perlis.

Credit: Twitter

The whole scenario of the goat standing on a bench looked like the goat was tired and exhausted of waiting for his owner which looked really adorable.

Credit: Twitter

▼ The brown animal was seen by many netizens in Padang Besar, Perlis. Some even touched him and shared their photo with the furry animal.

Goats are one of the cutest animals on Earth, no joke!

Credit: Twitter

▼ Hilarious jokes seeing the goat dressed up well with diapers and oversized T-shirt by the netizens is the best part.

▼ So where is the mask?

▼ A netizen explained in the comments on the post that the goat belongs to her cousin who has a FBT shop at the area and the brown animal is called ‘Angah”.

How adorable is this goat wearing a diaper and oversized sitting at one place waiting for his owner?! Aww!

Info via: Twitter