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After 20 Years, This Young Man Finally Meet His Biological Family!

Photo credit to Twitter | Instagram

Everyone has different dreams. Some people dream to have a big car, a big house, a good relationship, and a great career. But, this Twitter user dreamed of meeting his biological family. This video of him meeting his biological family garnered over 7K retweets and 16K likes

Credit: Twitter

He shared that he was being adopted since he was 6 months old. After 20 years, this is the first time to be able to meet his biological family after 20 years apart. It was such a wonderful moment for him. He even said that he never blamed his parents for handing himself over to an adoptive family. At the same time, He will never forget the sacrifice of his adoptive family.

Credit: Twitter

The meeting was very emotional for him. The day that he meets his biological family was during her biological sister’s wedding. When he hugged his biological mother, his biological mother could be seen to shed tears and hug her son tightly.

Credit: Twitter

He even hugged his older sister who was getting married that day. She even sheds some tears when they hugged each other. It would be great memories that happen on her wedding as well.

Credit: Twitter

Netizens were very happy and sends a lot of congratulatory messages for him on his Twitter post.

Netizens’ Responses

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