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Because Of Fungus, This Cat Become A Totally Different Color Due To Its Medication!

Photo credit to Facebook

Have you ever seen a cat in a non-familiar color like Doraemon signature’s blue or yellow like Pikachu? Well, if no we have something that might blow your mind! One of the Facebook users post a picture of her cat in yellow and it garnered over 24K like also 44K shares!

Credit: Facebook

It started with the Facebook user’s white cat got an illness, which is a fungus. To cure it, the mother suggested herbal treatment.

Credit: Facebook

The herbal treatment consists of turmeric make it turned into the signature yellow color. The user’s mother used a toothbrush to apply the turmeric paste on the places where the cat has a skin condition.

Credit: Facebook

For people who concern, turmeric is good for the animal as it is organic. So, if the cat lick it’s the body, it would be harmless. However, apparently, the illness spread on the whole body. So they had no choice but to put it on the cat’s whole body.

Credit: Facebook

The end result is a beautiful yellow colored cat! It’s so weird but equally adorable~

Credit: Facebook

It totally reminds me of a beloved cartoon character, Pikachu! What do you think?

Credit: Youtube

A lot of netizens went crazy about this and even commented on their opinion regarding this situation!

Netizens’ Responses

▼People love how adorable the cat become!

▼ I guess it could be a new way of dyeing your cat’s fur in different color

▼ For people who concern, turmeric really works!

▼People even shares some update of their cats, who have the same disease and use the same method!

▼ Who said turmeric can only be used on cats? It is effective on other pets too~

▼Yellow is too mainstream! What about other colors?

▼ I guess that cat not only resembles Pikachu! There are many things that similar to it~

▼But for people who are going to use it, beware of how much you use okay?


▼ If you trying to use another method, well this person shares one!

Get well soon, kitty~ I love how calm the cat even though it has a totally different color!

Info via Facebook