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Both Hands Tied & Hung On a Beam, Small Boy Was Beat Till Losing Consciousness

Photo credit to China Press | Asianews


How can a dad or a guardian be so cruel to a small kid?!

A 28-second footage had been circulated on social media lately on a man abusively beat a boy went viral. Most netizens criticized on the man’s cruelty.

Credit : Tehran Times ( Picture for illustration purpose only)

In the footage, the boy can be seen naked on the lower half, with both hands tied and hung upside down on the beam. The man was holding something like a water hose which is green in colour and repeatedly hit on the boy.

According to China Press, the boy cried and begged him to stop beating him. However, the man seems like ignoring it and continued to beat him with the water hose.

Credit : China Press

Not long after the boy face turn red. The man did not stop his action and the boy no longer responding to him and lost his consciousness.

However, people who uploaded the footage did not mentioned when and where the incident happened.

Info via China Press