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Bubble Tea Lovers, This Face Mask is Specially Made For You!

Photo Credit to Facebook | Thai PBS World

Wearing a face mask is ESSENTIAL and a mandatory thing to do as the Covid-19 pandemic is still haunting the whole world. But let’s just admit that wearing a face mask makes it hard to eat or drink whenever we go out.

I don’t know about you guys but I make sure to get myself a cup of milk tea whenever I go out. Wearing a mask is hard especially when you buy a drink and you have to lift your mask down everytime you want to take a sip. We all secretly wished to have a hole on the mask to drink without having to take out the face mask.

Credit: Insider

Your wish is granted!

Now, GallonTea has introduced their new “sippy face masks” which you no longer need to bring down your chin to have sip of a drink!

Credit: When in Manila

A bubble tea cafe which is located in Manila, Philippines, heard the difficulty of the people to drink while wearing face masks. With that being said, they came up with a special mask for you to drink your bubble tea with the mask on.

Credit: Facebook

This Sippy Face mask is a combination of function and looks together. It is a reusable mask made with 3-ply microfibre fabric, slays in black with one distinct feature—a silicon button with an opening large enough to fit a bubble tea straw!

Not forgetting its safety feature which is a nose strip wire to ensure that the mask fits perfectly on your face and a pocket filter for that extra layer of protection.

Credit: Facebook

▼ Well, I guess many were actually waiting for this feature in a mask!


▼It’s a pity that these sippy face masks are only available for bubble tea lovers in Philippines. Netizens even recommended Gallon Tea to ship this mask to other countries as well!

To all my fellow Malaysian bubble tea lovers, be patient, let’s hope that these sippy face masks will soon be available to be shipped to Malaysia!

Info via: Facebook