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Cat Plays Piano To Get Attention From the Owner Asking For Food

Photo Credit to Twitter

Pet owners, you would definitely know if your pet wants to be fed as every animal has its own way of expressing their hunger.

Credit: Omaha World Herald

A video of a cat playing piano as a way showing that it wants to be fed went viral with more than 32K retweets and 82K likes on Twitter.

In the netizen’s video, the cat was trying to tell her that she’s hungry and she is literally begging to be fed although in the netizen’s tweet she mentioned that the cat’s dinner time is two hours from now.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

The cat is so clever that he played piano to let the netizen know that she wants her owner to feed her food.

In the video, the cat seems ‘arguing’ with the netizen so that he will get fed food although it’s not time to eat yet.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

▼ The 26-second video caught netizens’ attention as the cat seemed really smart and many said that their cats will do the same thing like what this clever cat do to get attention from them whenever they’re hungry.

▼ Enjoy watching this hilarious video of the cat playing piano asking for food from the owner~

Info via: Twitter