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Customer Allegedly Attacked Foodpanda Rider for Counting the Change Slowly!

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During weekends or whenever we’re hungry but lazy to cook or get food from outside, we tend to go food delivery services. But do you know the struggle the food delivery riders go through to deliver our orders?

Food delivery riders deliver our orders even on bad weathers for the sake of income. As customers, we should know how to appreciate their effort to send us food.

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A footage of the Foodpanda delivery rider assaulted by a customer went viral on Facebook with more than 5K likes, 1K shares and 2K comments.

On 6th August 2020, a 34-year-old Foodpanda delivery rider has lodged a police report after he was allegedly attacked by a customer according to NST.

The Foodpanda delivery rider was kicked, punched and went through racial-oriented profanities hurled towards him. He experienced pain on the left side of his neck, wrist and back of his left hand after being attacked.

Credit: Facebook

According to NST, the incident took place at 11.05am when the delivery rider went to deliver the 33-year-old customer’s order in Lorong Seri Impian 8, Alma.

The moment the customer came out of his house, he started hurling racial-oriented profanities towards the delivery rider and then started to kick and punch the delivery rider on his face.

The delivery rider lodged a police report after getting attacked all of a sudden fearing for his safety and job.

Seberang Prai Tengah district police chief Assistant Commissioner Shafee Abd Samad said that the suspect was contacted by the victim before arriving to confirm the address given through WhatsApp. After confirming the address, the victim went to the suspect’s house, and upon arrival, the suspect opened the gate and started scolding the victim.

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The victim handed over the customer’s food order, and in return, the customer gave RM50 note. The customer started scolding the victim when he was counting the balance, accusing the victim for being too slow. The suspect then took back his money from the victim’s hand and gave the food back to him saying he did not want it anymore.

When the victim told the suspect that he would lodge a report with Foodpanda if the suspect cancel’s the order. The suspect then took back the food and threw the money on the floor. The victim took the money and put the change back on the floor. The victim was told to pick up the change but he refused so he was kicked and punched by the suspect.

The suspect then went to the victim’s motorcycle and touched his cellphone and power bank. The victim hit the suspect using his helmet when the suspect tried to push the motorcycle down.

Credit: Facebook

“The suspect tried to hit back. The fight was however broken off by the house owner”, said the victim. The house site is rented by the suspect which is a homestay for five days through

The case is being investigated under Section 323 of the Penal Code for assaulting grievous hurt.

▼ Watch the full video here.

All it takes is a small appreciation for their effort to deliver our order!

Info via: NST