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Cute Miniaturised “Datuk Kong” Shrine Keychains Are Now Available on Shopee!

Photo Credit to Shopee | Facebook | Outgress

As Malaysians, we have noticed Datuk Kong shrines in most of the places especially around the Chinese Kampung Baru area. If you’re wondering who is Datuk Kong, Datuk Gong is a local guardian spirit that resides in trees, ant hills, caves, riverbanks and in strange stone formations according to most Malaysian Chinese who is worshipped in a shrine in red.

Credit: fairfun

But have you ever seen a “Datuk Kong” shrine keychain?

The Reamers Envision has come up with cute “Datuk Kong” shrine keychains as souvenirs for your international friends to remember moments in Malaysia in the form of keychain.

Credit: Facebook

The size of a “Datuk Kong” shrine keychain is 7cm tall and 4cm wide Datuk Kong and is made in the 3-D form which attracted many netizens!

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

This “Datuk Kong” shrine costs only RM20 per piece which is available on Shopee app. Since they’re selling fast on Shopee, The Reamers Envision is offering a 15% discount when you pre-order it. If you buy three keychains, it costs only RM42.50!

Credit: Facebook

▼ Netizens find the “Datuk Kong” shrine keychains look so adorable and brings good luck too!

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Info via: Facebook