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Cyclist Wrongly Ate At Stranger House That He Thought A Restaurant

Credit photo to Siakap Keli

As a cyclist, you would go all around the world to cycle. You also have a lot of good, bad, and sometimes funny memories. Well, this guy definitely shares one of his funny but also embarrassing stories on Facebook that went viral. He shared that he accidentally ate at a stranger’s house that he thought a small restaurant,¬†all because of being too tired and hungry after cycling over 70 Kilometer, on an empty stomach.

Credit: Siakap Keli

The story started with Mohd Kharbi was on the way cycling from Kenyir to Kuala Terengganu from the dawn on empty stomach. The last time he ate was at 9 p.m, so at that time his eyes were darting everywhere to find a restaurant that is open for business.

Credit: Facebook

After 70Km cycling with an empty stomach, he thinks that his mind couldn’t think straight, he saw a somehow like a restaurant across the street. Inside there are 2 women, a child and a man that he thought as a customer. It turns out to be the children of the aunty that is eating with the next-door neighbor. There is a Nasi Dagang on the table, so in his mind, he thought this is a restaurant specializing in Nasi Dagang.It is his favorite food, especially they are originally from Terengganu.

Credit: Saji

To his defense, he did take a closer look at the place. All the arrangements especially the cups on the table, make him confirmed it as a restaurant. He doesn’t know what the woman’s reaction when a stranger comes in and suddenly asks for Nasi Dagang. Malay people won’t chase away people if people come to eat. That is his situation, eat while talking with the aunty. When he was done eating, he asks for the bill and the aunty said “why the need to pay, this is not a restaurant”.It was embarrassing for him because he confidently ate and talk with the owner even though he is a stranger.

Credit: Siakap Keli

The netizens laughed at the hilarious story. Not only that, but they also said that the owner is really cool since they even can strike a conversation with each other. Furthermore, it was said that his sustenance.

Credit: Siakap Keli

Next time don’t forget to eat before cycling,otherwise you might not think straight again~

Info via Siakap keli