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“Daging Korban” Moving on the Chopping Board, Makcik Says ” Takut Nak Masak”

Photo credit to Twitter

A Malay netizen sharing an eerie tweet recently on a ” Daging Korban” keep moving on the chopping board, as it’s coming back to life. Some netizens commented, “Bone-chilling!” and some also explained scientifically what is actually going on.

According to China Press, Twitter user @tterororo explained his mum was given some “daging korban” ( sacrificial meat) and she planned to cook on that day.

However, something ” bone-chilling'” happened later on where it can be seen on the footage he uploaded, it shows a slab of meat continued to move as though alive, despite being slaughtered and skinned.

Some commenters said, ” This is bone-chilling”, ” After watching the footage, i get goosebumps and felt so uneasy!” , ” I think i don’t dare to eat meat after watching this footage” .

Credit : mStar

Also some commenter explained it’s a phenomenon caused by nerve endings still firing and causing muscles to move, which can occur for an hour so after the central nervous system dies.

@tterororo replied and thanked netizens for sharing the info with him and said, ” the meat didn’t move anymore after my mum kept it in freezer.”

Info via China Press