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Dinosaurs Footprint Was Found in Tanah Merah, Kelantan

Photo credit to Malaysiakini

Seven footprints was found and believed belong to the dinosaurs from the Sauropod species in Tanah Merah, Kelantan and those footprints are believed to be between 145,000 and 66 million years old.

Credit : Institute of Creation Research

The discovery was made a team of researchers from the Department of Geoscience, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) which led by lecturer Arham Muchtar Achmad Bahar.

Arham Muchtar said the research, which started in May 2017, helped the team to discover the footprint fossils and track the route of the dinosaur from the Sauropod subgroup.

Credit : Thoughco

Following the discovery, the team have published a scientific journal, titled The Saurapod Dinosaur Trackways from Tanah Merah, Kelantan, in conjunction with the online Conference on Tropical Resources and Sustainable Sciences 2.0 held on Aug 10 and 11.

The discovery proved that at one time, between 160 and 66 million years ago, dinosaurs once lived in a place we now know as Bukit Panau, Tanah Merah.

Credit : Malaysiakini

The fossils of the 7 footprints belong to Sauropod species, a four-legged herbivore reptile, a large animal with spine of 9m in height and weighed 30-40 tonnes,  reported by Malaysiakini.

“Researchers spent more than 10,000 hours investigating and tracking dinosaurs in Kelantan and the traces of the tracks found have also been confirmed by experts from the Dinosaur World in Japan.

Credit : Malaysiakini

“The existence of dinosaurs in Bukit Panau has also been expected by many geologists based on the geological conditions that can be associated with some areas in southern Thailand that also contain dinosaur fossils, ” he said.

Info via Malaysiakini