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Dog Owner Hits His Pet Dog With Car After Dumping It In Front of An Animal Shelter!

Photo Credit to Facebook

Sometimes we have seen a lot of stray cats and dogs roaming on the road. Sadly, some of them are dumped by its owner.

These irresponsible pet owners forget about their responsibility to take care of their pet and leave their pets in front of an animal shelters or anywhere because they can’t take care of them anymore.

Credit: The Star

Recently, on 5th August 2020, a post on Facebook about a dog owner who dumped his dog and killed the dog by hitting it with his car went viral with more than 1K likes and 1K shares.

In the post, it was stated that this ‘hit-and-run’ incident of a dog by its owners happened in front of the animal shelter on 5th August 2020.

The eyewitnesses who saw the entire incident informed them that a white MYVI car with 2 people in it drove up to their sanctuary gates and pushed a dog out from the car. When the dog owners realized that there were people watching them, they speed up the car to ‘run away’ from the place. The dog ran after its owner’s car and unfortunately got hit by the car.

The car didn’t stop after hitting the dog but sped off from the place.

Credit: Facebook

The people who witnessed the entire incident ran to animal shelter’s gate and alerted them. Uncle Raymund who is one of the animal care taker in the animal shelter, ran to check the condition of the dog which laid in the middle of the road.

Unfortunately, the dog died on the spot, from internal haemorrhaging. He moved the dog to the side of the road to prevent vehicles from running over the dog.

Credit: Facebook

“We can only imagine that in the dog’s mind, her last few minutes of life were filled with joy of going for a car ride with people she trusted only to be betrayed at the last second”, he said in his post.

Hence, they buried the dog and planted a sapling on its grave.

▼ Eyewitness who witness these type of incident should note the car plate number and lodge a police report.


▼ If a pet owner can’t take care of their pet anymore, they should give away their pet to the animal shelter following the proper procedure and not dump them everywhere.

If you’re a pet owner, don’t forget about your responsibility to take good care of your pet or if you’re not able to take care of them anymore, hand them over in the right way!

Info via: Facebook