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Dog’s Photo Looking Like a Muscular Man Went Viral and People Are So Confused!

Photo Credit to Twitter | JMax Fitness

I’m pretty sure you have seen muscular men or women in pictures or anywhere at least once in your life.

But have you ever seen a muscular dog?

Recently, a tweet about a photo of a dog which looked like a muscular man went viral with more than 167K retweets and 68K likes on Twitter.

On the netizen’s tweet, she said that she took a picture of her dog casuall, but it looked like a person with big shoulder width and can’t unsee it.

Credit: Twitter

Okay, this is confusing~

Well, netizens had fun photoshopping this dog’s photo with different other pictures in a very creative way which actually looks like this dog is a muscular man!

Credit: Twitter

It looks like a muscular man’s body with a dog’s face at first, but it is actually the dog’s butt and leg that looks like a shoulder of a man.

If you’re still wondering what exactly this is, then this is for you.

Credit: Twitter

I finally figured it out! Optical illusion confirmed!

Info via: Twitter