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Family Mart Is Selling Snickers And Other Candy Bars Ice Cream And It Taste So Good!

Photo credit to Twitter

We all have our favourite candy bars! There are Snickers, Mars, Twix and the delicious coconut, Bounty. All of them taste so good that sometimes eating one of them are not enough. But, have you tried the ice cream version? Well, now you can get these delicious ice cream bar in your favourite candy bars flavour at Family Mart!

Credit: Twitter

Not only that, each of this scrumptious ice cream is only RM3.90! It is soo cheap~

Credit: Twitter

In the Snickers ice cream bar, there are peanut butter ice cream with layere of caramel and some peanuts!


As for the Twix, you will still get the crunchy biscuit in the middle like the candy bars! It also haveĀ  vanilla icream and layer of caramel inside the chooclate layer coat outside of the ice cream bar.

Credit: PNGitem

Now, get your sugar fill or sweet tooth craving by eating this delicious ice cream bars. Better get them now at your nearest Family Mart!

Info via Twitter