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Family of 4-year-old Girl Died Left in Dad’s Car Says,” Stop Throwing Accusations At Her Father”

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Aina Batrisha, 4-year-old died after being left 10 hours in her father’s car at his workplace at Bukit Makmur, Sungai Petani yesterday.

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One of the family member who did not want to be named told media, ” She was affectionate and was very close to her father, Her father genuinely forgot that his daughter was sleeping at the back. He is really distraught over this.”

“What happened is a test for the family, so please stop throwing accusations at the family, especially the father. None of us expected this to happen.

Credit : NST

According to Harian Metro, In the morning of the incident, the father had dropped off his wife at her workplace before sending the other children to school. After sending the youngest child to his cousin’s house, he was supposed to take Aina to her grandmother’s house.

However, Aina then fell asleep at the back of his car and the father forgot all about her.

Aina’s mother who returned home at 3pm thought her daughter was at her grandmother’s house. While, Aina’s grandmother thought that Aina’s father was not working that day and was looking after his children.

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“If you don’t know the truth, please don’t assume things. It will bring more pain to the family.”

Aina was buried after Asar at Kampung Bukit Kecil Muslim Cemetery following prayers at Bukit Kecil Simpor Tikam Batu Mosque.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Aina’s family, RIP little angel.