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Former Employees Exposed A Famous Clothing Store,” RM6K Salary But The Treatment Is Hell!”

Photo credit to Chinapress  | Facebook

If you were given a choice to work at a place with a high salary but being treated like rubbish, would you still do it? Well, there is a drama, circulating of a clothing store job application. People are complaining that the store treated their staff, badly.

Credit: Facebook

Because of the job application post, There is a user on Facebook who shared screenshots of posts from a former employee for the same store advertised. From lack of rest time to corporal punishment, these stories have a lot of people in the Internet’s getting angry!

The story started when Netizen A shared that while she was working at the store, the employee will receive punishment such as frog squatting around 300-500 times if did not hit target. Not only that, but they also got 20 minutes to break and work 12 hours standing in heels.

Furthermore, they also only got 4 days of rest in a month. A S$1 (RM3.05) fine is imposed if a customer leaves the fitting room without making a purchase or if they forget to cap a pen. The post also claimed that employees would work 12 hours a day, with four days’ rest in a month. Other netizens who was an ex-employee also shared that even if you are sick, you still have to go to work if there are not enough people.

Credit: Atriumstaff

If you are fat or gaining weight, they will tell you directly to lose weight. Netizen B shared that they cannot watch Youtube while on break or hold your phone otherwise they will say you are lazy! Not only that, but you will also get scolded and even get fine if you don’t wear makeup or wear enough perfume.


As a newcomer, Netizen C shared that you will have it rough. The older employee will usually bully you especially if you are from Malaysia. You still have to do almost everything like organize and write things, all alone.  You also might have to do overtime, even though you live far away!

Netizen C said that they have to wear bright makeup, especially lipstick. The perfume and lipstick needed to be reapplied if faded, otherwise, they will be scolded! It was also written in their contract, they only get 2 days off for Chinese New Year and have to apply, at least, 2 months for annual leave!

Credit: Blackmores

A lot of people were shocked by this matter and commented on the post!

Netizens’ Responses

▼People are glad they didn’t get the job!

▼Some of them shared their own experience while working!

▼This would be an easy way to lose your weight, I guess?



▼Is this clothing store or a camp?


▼Workers are human, not robots!

▼People even mentioned boycotting the shop!

▼Have to be careful as you might get sued by the company

What a horrible employer!

Info via Facebook