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Freak Accident: Car Falls From 3rd Floor of Condominium Car Park in KL, Driver Killed On The Spot

Photo Credit to China Press

According to China Press, a 63-year-old Malay man was killed, suspected accidentally stepped on the accelerator pedal while driving and crashed his car from the third floor of the carpark in a condominium in Sentul, WP Kuala Lumpur.

Credit : Sin Chew

This freak accident happened in a condominium in Sentul, Jalan 2/48, 3rd floor roof-top carpark. The man was believed to accidentally stepped on accelerator instead of brake, which make him crashed onto the wall and falling out of the building.

Credit : China Press
Credit : China Press

The vehicle, a white colour Land-cruiser turning upside down and the man flew out from his car after the accident. Police, Fire and rescue department and ambulance reached not long after.

Credit : China Press

Unfortunately, the man was declared dead on the spot.

Our deepest condolences to the bereaved family.